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With a passion for Literature, but also a keen interest in Economics, and motivated by the energy of business, I initially studied both Literature and Business : a Master’s in Modern Literature at Sorbonne University, and a Master's in Management from ESCP Europe and Stanford Graduate School of Business, in the United States.

This stimulating immersion into the technological effervescence and cultural mix of the Silicon Valley clearly influenced the first ten years of my career, after I returned to France : I worked in the travel industry and in new technologies.

As a strategic analyst for in the early years of the website’s creation and growth, I worked on all the financial aspects of the many innovating service concepts launched by SNCF on the Internet. As a consultant with Affinion International, I worked on marketing and sales for the travel agency business. As product manager for several booking softwares (travel agencies, low-cost flights, car rentals) with Amadeus, I was coordinating the work of the various teams, from development to communication.

hroughout my career, I developed a strong interest in the human side of the organizations in which I worked, and the various personality types I could observe in individuals within a team or a company. I was able to ascertain how important it was -both for self-fulfillment and for collective success- that everyone occupies a position matching their skills, personality and values.

I became convinced that the orientation choices we make greatly determine our success and self-fulfillment at work.

I felt passionate about these issues of professional choice and had long wanted to work in a support role, helping others. I therefore myself undertook a skills assessment, which confirmed my aspirations and I decided to retrain for professional support.

I therefore followed a comprehensive training for skills assessment and supporting methods (DESU Évaluation et Bilan des Compétences within the Psychology department at Paris University, then MBTI® and ADVP certifications).

Then I worked during five years with Roger Farhi, psychologist and coach in Nice, specialized in skills assessments and professional counselling. I helped with their professional development and career choices employees from the private, public or non-profit sectors and with all types of jobs, as well as many entrepreneurs.

After Roger Farhi retired, I have created B.A.O in 2016, and this is where I now carry on my activities of skills assessments, professional coaching and student counselling.