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Our methodology

  • In addition to my skills assessment training, my own professional experience gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with a wide range of functions (Strategy and Finance, Marketing, I.T Product Management), as well as various types of structures, from an innovating web business to a large international company. My career has enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of business, and provides me today with the flexibility required to adapt to your specific environment and support you in your reflection about your own professional project.
  • The skills assessment takes 24 hours spread out over approximately 2 months :

- individual interviews

- "questionnaires" about interests, personality (IRMR, MBTI®...)

- information research or field inquiries

- follow-up interview, 6 months after the assessment

  • My interviews are carried out according to our interview guide, specific to our agency, consisting of around one hundred pages that you fill in between appointments and which make up the special support for your considerations and your explorations. Because interviews and individual reflection alternate, this enables you to make the skills assessment process your own.
  • The results from the questionnaires and personality inventories are given back to you and explained in details during a dedicated interview : they feed your thinking and your options for new professional projects.
  • We offer skills assessments in French or in English.