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What is student counselling ?

"Supporting someone means reaching out for the individual wherever they are, and, together, in agreement, get to where they want to be"*.

  • This is how I think of student counselling : depending on the studies you are doing, on your objective and the difficulties you may have, we will implement suitable solutions in terms of choosing your path of studies, of work organization, managing priorities, remaining motivated, resisting stress… 

  • In addition to my specific training for coaching and counselling, my own experience has given me a good insight into many Higher Education settings, both in France and in the US : preparatory classes and entrance exams, a French “Grande Ecole”, an American Business School, University. Additionally, I am sitting on the jury panel for the oral entrance exams to ESCP Europe and EDHEC Nice Business Schools. 

*Dominique Clavier, Accompagner sur le chemin du travail, 2007.

When is student counselling appropriate ?

Student counselling will help you to reach your objective if, for example (the list is not exhaustive) :

  • You are in High School and feeling uncertain regarding which studies to follow in the near future

  • You are studying at University and finding it hard to organize your work

  • You are a student at a Preparatory School and feel stressed or overwhelmed by the amount of work to produce

  • You are preparing for an entrance exam and need to remain motivated over time

  • You are writing up research work, a dissertation, and find it hard to structure your efforts and prioritize